EV Conversion - Part 3


31/05/09 - A little template to ensure the gearbox goes back in the right position.

31/05/09 - The seats removed and engine exposed.  The carputer touch screen is shown installed top left.

31/05/09 - The van mounted on ramps to give access to the underneath.  This will make getting the redundant bits out much easier (engine, petrol tank, cooling system and exhaust).  The plan is to drop the engine/gearbox down, back-up the van and move the engine/gearbox out the way (and, hopefully, sell it on eBay). Then put the electric motor & gearbox on the ground below, move the van back over and hoist them into place.  A bit of welding for the new motor mount and Bob’s your Uncle!  Like I say, that’s the plan...

01/06/09 - The transmision coupling and adapter plate mounted and LocTite’d up....

01/06/09 - The motor mounted to the gearbox ready for installation.  It even goes the right way when energised so no need to reverse the motor rotation.

02/06/09 - A block and tackle and stout bit of 6 x 2 to drop out the engine...  You can see the carputer and other electrics installed above on a hinge down panel...

02/06/09 - The old ICE engine out of the van, complete with wiring loom - note the tublar ‘cradle’ beneath it - this will be re-used to mount to the electric motor with a home made mount.

02/06/09 - All the gubbins which is being ditched (except the ICE motor) - left to right...  exhaust and heat shield, radiator and other cooling system parts and fuel system.  I’ve left the cabin heat exchanger in place for the later addition of a hot water heater for de-misting and cabin heat.  The weights are:-

ICE 1300cc alloy engine 107Kg

fuel tank 11kg

cooling system - 11kg

Bits and Bobs - 7kg

exhaust/cat 18kg

08/06/09 - Electric motor/gearbox in place and steel cradle tack-welded ready for full welding on the bench...

10/06/09 - Electric motor/gearbox in place and steel cradle welded, painted and installed.

11/06/09 - Main power cables attached to power centre, main contactor, motor and battery pack connector.

11/06/09 - Existing throttle cable to potbox setup...


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